Kevin Mark Strand’s Flickr Photostream

Caitlin's Daddy/Daughter pumpkin carving for Girl Scouts. #instacollageCaitlin set up a Scattegories game with tea!M-Den in downtown Ann Arbor!! With Caitlin & Eliisa.. Dropped off a few violins Eliisa was trying out at Shar Music.Downtown Ann Arbor!!Downtown Ann ArborA vintage gas station in central Ohio
T800 big rig at the Kenworth Chillicothe OH assembly plant. I here for my 6 Sigma training!T680 cab in the break room at the Kenworth Chillicothe OH truck plant!Me in front of a T700 Kenworth big rig at the Chillicothe OH Assembly plant.Bird's Eye boxCaitlin's first day of school showing off her safety squad beltBenji thinks he owns our furniture..
Maize & Blue all the way!!Tug of war at September Fair!Three musketeers!Teacher gets a pie in the face at Rogers's September Fair!!Caitlin playing horseshoes at Roger's September FeirI love the big house
Go Blue!! U of M has a great campus!!Enjoying a Michigan Made products event today at Westborn Market here in Berkley at the end of my street. I bought some really tasty treats & ate samples until I was bursting!  Saw this sailboat while on the ferry heading to Mackinaw Island last weekend..Bee moseying around in the backyard flowers.. Meanwhile the house two down from here was on fire.. Yikes!

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