“Double-Dovetail” Project

Here is the completed DOUBLE DOVETAIL box project. I also prototyped an LED internal light.
The woods used are Padauk, Walnut, & Maple.
This box utilizes a VERY UNIQUE double dovetail joint! Most double dovetails are done with an expensive jig, but this one is 100% handcrafted with Japanese saws & chisels.
Featuring an LED internal light, which turns on only when opened. It also has a battery compartment which is secured with 2 brass screws. It takes an A23 battery.
2 solid brass Hinges.
Hand sanded to 1500 grit, then hand rubbed with Briwax.
This is something that will never come apart and can be passed on for generations.
This box is approx 10″ wide, 5″ deep, and 5″ high.
This box can be used for many things! You can use it on the counter to store whatever your heart desires.. Silicone feet at each corner serve to protect whatever you set the box on and also prevent it from slipping.
It is for sale on Etsy for $450.


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